I work with middle and high schools to integrate literacy across the curriculum and improve literacy instruction.

My Purposeful Literacy approach focuses on the needs of teachers and students, not abstract principles or one-size-fits-all prescriptions. I focus on actual classrooms and content, collaborating with teachers and administrators to identify and implement the targeted tools, strategies, and training that will bolster teaching and learning in their classrooms and schools.

I provide:

  • professional development workshops
  • ongoing coaching for teachers, department heads, and administrators
  • Common Core training and support
  • curriculum design, redesign, and alignment
  • schoolwide literacy planning
  • support for competency-based education

My efforts have generated significant gains for teachers, students, and schools.

At Greater Lawrence Technical School, I led a three-year Literacy Initiative, which infused literacy across the academic and vocational curriculum, identified and disseminated schoolwide literacy best practices, and helped significantly raise student lexile and MCAS scores and move GTLS from a Level 3 to a Highly Performing Level 1 school (you can read a longer account here). I worked closely with administrators and teacher leaders to:

  • train all teachers in reading comprehension and vocabulary strategies;
  • create, train, and facilitate a Writing Committee of teachers from across the school, who researched, designed and implemented a new GLTS Writing Program;
  • co-facilitate revision of English and History curricula to align to the Common Core;
  • support Math teachers in implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice;
  • coach teachers across the school; and
  • mentor a core group of coaches and literacy leaders.

At Boston Day and Evening Academy, a competency-based alternative high school, I coach Math, Science, and Humanities teachers and teams and provide support for administrators. My efforts have helped strengthen literacy across the curriculum and dramatically raise MCAS scores. Over the last eight years, I have:

  • coached over 60% of the faculty on curriculum, instructional strategies, and literacy;
  • helped align competencies and curricula to the Common Core;
  • supported content area teams in developing common literacy terminology, strategies, and materials, including rubrics; and
  • co-designed and co-facilitated the Real Alternatives Education Lab, a week-long introduction to competency-based education, now in its sixth year, which has served over 250 teachers and administrators from across the country.

At WriteBoston, I led literacy professional development for teachers across eastern Massachusetts, including collaborative workshops with Primary Source, week-long summer institutes for humanities teachers, and school-based workshops.


"Becca has played an instrumental role in advancing the academic integrity of our school. She coaches our teachers with gentle encouragement, thoughtful questioning, and insightful perspective. Her keen intelligence, expert facilitation, and astute instructional knowledge make her an invaluable resource." 

Alison Hramiec, Director of Instruction, Boston Day and Evening Academy

"Becca's work with us has resulted in embedded literacy across the curriculum. Both academic and vocational teachers now have a clear understanding of the importance and benefits of increasing student work in reading, vocabulary, and writing, as well as the skills to make that work meaningful. Becca's leadership and coaching has helped raise the rigor of planning and instruction that has moved us from a Level 3 to a Level 1 school. She has been an essential support to me, as an academic leader."

Elizabeth Freedman, Principal, Greater Lawrence Technical School

"Becca provided me with practical, creative, hands-on, and collaborative writing strategies for my sophomores. My favorite takeaway from Becca was that all writing matters."

Leia Richardson, Reading High School